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Art and architecture

And this is me  Self-portraits and what they signify
The art of war  Dazzle camouflage of World War I
Dream ticket Ghost of a Dream’s scratchcard fantasia
Free-range forum The chic interior and the egg
Futurism and photography  Italian proto-fascists in pince-nez
Genever conventions Gin’s secret dispensaries re-created
Grant Wood’s studio  The birthplace of American Gothic
Great balls of fire  Early astronomy in a 16th-century book of miracles
Salvador Dali’s Dream of Venus Surrealism at the World’s Fair of 1939
Searching for Shakespeare Even how he spelt his name is open to question
A slice of Bacon Francis Bacon’s shambolic Kensington studio


Berth of the blues  Louis Armstrong’s cerulean kitchen in Queens – and his
peculiar dietary habits
Blitz spirits  Time for Tea, the 1940s-style Shoreditch home of Johnny Vercoutre
and Suzette Field
A lore unto himself  The macabre east London home of set designer
Simon Costin, founder of the Museum of British Folklore

Man with a thousand faces  Peter Armstrong’s Brixton home, decorated with a collage of images culled from glossy magazines
On the trail of Trotsky  Leon Trotsky’s humble but heavily fortified house in the Mexican suburb of Coyoacán
Shandy Hall  The suitably rambling Yorkshire parsonage of Lawrence Sterne,
author of Tristram Shandy

White chapel  The minimalist East End apartment of photographers Fabrizio Coppi
and Lucilla Barbieri


Bungle is massive!  Interview with Geoffrey Hayes and Malcolm Lord
Pistol packing Malcolm  Interview with the self-appointed Svengali of punk